Andy Carroll
In 1986 Andy's DJ partner Mike Knowler went to America and heard a new sound called House Music and brought some records back. Andy was immediately hooked and both DJs began adding more House sounds to the very eclectic rich musical tapestry at the sumptious State Ballroom in Liverpool where they were resident DJs. In 1988 Andy was invited to Ibiza by Paul Oakenfold , but his thirst for the source of the house sound was strong and he chose NYC, returning with two full boxes of new and hard to find records . Eventually a dedicated night on a Monday called Daisy was promoted by James Barton and soon the sound of Acid House took over .... the Rave-o-lution had thoroughly begun ..... . James and Andy later went on to set up a management company, record label, A&R consultancy and along the way co-formed the club titan that became Cream with Darren Hughes.

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