Craig Sams

In '65 Craig was promoting bands on the Isle Of Wight. He moved back to London in '66 and imported Afghan coats and other ethnic fashion into the UK, The Beatles bought some of his coats at Granny Takes a Trip and demand went up dramatically . Craig went to first Pink Floyd gigs at London Free School benefits at All Saints Hall and and sold macrobiotic food there and continued when the UFO Club opened on Dec 22 and every Friday thereafter . In Feb 1967 Craig opened the first macrobiotic restaurant in London where Yoko Ono was an early customer.  He founded, in partnership with his brother Gregory, Whole Earth Foods, a leading organic food company, expanding from its original organic macrobiotic restaurant ‘Seed’ into retail. He is the author of four books on organic living. In partnership with his wife Josephine Fairley , Craig co-founded Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate in 1991,  whose Maya Gold chocolate was the first product ever to carry the Fairtrade mark . Craig is currently President of Green & Blacks, has a health centre in Hastings with his wife.

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