With his unique fingerpicking guitar technique combining sweet, rapid melodic runs with driving locomotive rhythm, George Fell has been mesmerizing UK audiences with his instrumentals and arrangements for almost a decade.

Originally developing his technique from early Blues and Country recordings, Fell has extensively explored the capacity of the guitar as a solo instrument. His versatility as a guitarist has lead to a colourful back catalogue of collaborations, including numerous performances with Bez (Happy Mondays), making guest appearances on Manchester Hip Hop mixtapes and recently touring with DJ Yoda as part of his collaborative album project “Breakfast of Champions”, which was play-listed on 6music and performed at major UK venues and festivals.

Fell’s debut solo EP “George Fell-From Grace” was launched in May 2016. His solo performances display a vividly refreshing approach to the guitar and leaves audiences enthralled and exhilarated.





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