In association with Edge Hill University BA (Hons) Music Production.


12:15 - 13:00

Grime is a genre that has been forging its own path for over a decade, utilising a DIY attitude to infiltrate the far reaches of the music industry at every level. In an age where we create in the way that we consume, music lovers are fickle and listen sporadically. Grime has been catapulted into the foreground of an ever-changing industry with such ferocity and passion it begs the question, do we have a modern musical revolution in our midst?


Hattie Collins Features Director at i-D.

Dapz on the Map Grime MC and artist.

Despa Robinson Founder of  be83 Artists and artist manager.

James Walsh Urban Music Manager at Ditto

Laura Brosnan Journalist

Tobi Oke Complex UK


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