11:15 - 12:00

Music conferences are all well and good, but how many times can you sit in a room and watch people swap stories about the millions of records they’ve sold before you get bored of the mutual sycophancy? So this is a panel for emerging artists and managers which aims to give practical advice on how you can get to a level where you can quite that pesky day job of yours and simply start earning a living doing what you love; writing and playing music.

Moderator Simon Pursehouse (Sentric Music) will be joined by four musicians who have done just that by various ways (not including big advances) and who will all share their stories and give practical, tangible advice on how you can do the same.


Simon Pursehouse Director of Music Services at Sentric Music 

Stealth Artist

Coco Artist

James Warburton Composer, songwriter and sound designer

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