Blade Factory

17:15 - 18:00

Music Publishing...WTF? What, Why and Where does it fit in?

Music publishing is one of the most important, dynamic and fast moving areas of the music industry.

For many songwriters, publishing royalties can be their most consistent and dependable sources of income.  Know your stuff and you will be on the road to understanding how you as a songwriter, composer, producer, lyricists, topliner or music company can make and collect money, carving out a successful career.

If you’re in the dark you are literally leaving money on the table.

For many artists that write, record and produce their own music, signing a recording deal with a top label is often the priority, and the importance of publishing and what a publisher can do to develop their music, is often overlooked.

In this compelling panel we will look at the role of the modern music publisher, the what, the why and where does it fit in to the industry?  How a publisher can help develop the careers of songwriters and composers;  the importance of copyright; revenue streams; splits and versions;  deals and the role of the all -important collection societies; top tips for self-publishing and how the Music Publishers Association (MPA) can help. 


Chris Meehan CEO Sentric Music

Mulika Sannie Senior Business Affairs Manager at Kobalt Music

Harriet Moss Global Creative Manager at Manners McDade

Martyn Corbet Media Composer

Kirsty Booth Music Publishers Association

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