Age 16/17 Nina was easily influenced by her big brother Craig and got the rave bug, she was supposed to be at college in Reigate studying media, communications and drama but was more often recovering from Shoom, Spectrum, Future and The Trip, her busy acid house schedule did not allow for much study.

1988: Nina goes to Ibiza for 3 months where she was rescued by Andrew Weatherall who took her back to London where she started a new job at London Records club promotions dept (all night raving now an occupational hazard). Whilst at London/FFRR she signed the Boys Own Record label and they released the first Boca Juniors record with Andrew Weatherall (partner at the time), Terry Farley, Pete Heller, Cymon Eccles and old school pal, Anna Haigh as singer.

1989:  Was full on busy working with the label and promoting records / partying at numerous events including ,Boys Own , Shoom outings, various acid hazes, Ibiza and then Madchester where Nina was kidnapped by the Happy Mondays .

1990: Nina left London Records and started working for Youth ( Killing Joke ect ), helping to set up and run W.A.U records with Warner Brothers, their first release was Zodiac Mindwarp and Youth as 'Zodiac Youth', followed by a stream of Goa trance music. The later musical direction of the label wasn't  to Nina's taste so she left W.A.U. and decided to set up her own label with Andrew where she worked with Sabres of Paradise and was part of The Sabrettes .

Currently Nina is involved in numerous projects including some with Andrew in a musical capacity as The Woodleigh Research Facility, Andrew's solo stuff (Convenanza), remixes and loop library stuff and still running labels with Moine Dubh Records .


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