Blade Factory

14:15 - 15:00

The ends of decades has produced some fine revolutions in music and the like with the late 80's being another exceptional time.

It was the last major thing to happen as people on mass from all walks of life found common ground together on the dancefloor. The second summer of love lasted easily for two , in 1988 and '89.

This panel will be discussing experiences at the coal face of acid house , how it came to being, the political struggles as the authorities tried to stamp it out, the fashions emerging from the scene and the roller coaster ride along the way.


Andy Carroll DJ, founder of a record label, A&R consultancy and co-founder of Cream.

Chris Donnelly founder of the label Gio Goi.

Nicky Trax Writer, DJ promoter & PR working with numerous labels and clubs including The Egg, London.

Nina Walsh Producer & performer.

Richard Norris Author, journalist and musician.

Steve Vertigo DJ & stand-up.

Suddi Raval Artist, sound designer and producer.



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