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Tom Oxley is a London based photographer, whose specialist field is primarily involved within the music and pop culture industry. His work regularly appears in the top magazines around the world, and is always on call for the major record labels. He feels it is just as important to shoot new and emerging artists, as it is to work with established superstars. By collaborating directly with the artists, a sense of trust is established, and leads to pushing creative boundaries.

Alongside his love for photography and all other things visual, Tom has embarked on a number of successful exhibitions combining the disciplines of video and still photography to create a series of ‘moving portraits’. He became the first photographer in the world to exhibit for two nights in the main room of London’s iconic, Royal Albert Hall. The success of past installations and a natural inclination to progress and broaden the spheres of interest, has allowed the content matter for upcoming shows to spread and include shooting other photographers who Tom strongly admires, prominent athletes up close and personal, and a study of nudes in their purest form.

Quote: “I’ve always loved photography, it’s a huge passion of mine and to be able to combine it with musicians has been an absolute dream. There are times when you’re in the middle of an incredible shoot, that you do have a little moment of clarity and realise just how good this job is! I feel extremely privileged to have worked with some of the artists that I have done. I’m extremely fortunate to have a job where everyday is different, and doesn’t feel like work.”

Tom is heavily influenced by what he considers the ‘masters of direct reportage” where photographers in bygone days, spent weeks on end, embedded with their high profile subjects, and captured shots that no one else could, or would ever get. He likes to pay homage to these photographers by always striving to photograph shots of his subjects that can never be replicated.

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